Chat with people
around you

See what’s happening around you
Create rooms to find people of similar interests

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Find your turf

Based on your location, swipe through different circles to see what’s happening.
(Called circles, but actually polygons)

Get localized news
Discuss and Debate
Find a cause
Get help
Connect with neighbors
Exchange stuff
Get to know people
Share hobbies
Find common interests

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Circles feature


See more of what interests you

Once you're in a circle, find a room that aligns with your interest! Sayyyyy.. Yoga? Singing? The world is your oyster!
(Btw, Rooms start with a #)

Discover something new
Create new Rooms
Meet new people
Make friends
Share information
Help each other
Start a community

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Rooms feature


Talk without ever having to leave

Message anyone, any time. One on one conversations will help share your story, connect and reach more people.
(P.S. You can send photos as well)

Personalised conversations
Intimate discussions
Secret stories
Sarcasm and Humor

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Chat feature

Can't wait to have you on board!

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