Introducing Cyrcl

Introducing Cyrcl

Cyrcl is live!

After almost 40 days of frantic coding, Cyrcl is live on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!

The folks over at the Google Play Store told us to get ready for a delay as long as 7 days for app review, due to the Covid-19 impact on work schedules. We were under the impression that Google used automated systems instead of manual reviewers.
But hey - pleasantly surprised when the android app got published in 3 days! :)

Kudos to the Apple App Store people - the review took less than a day.

This is a very quick blog post to announce that version 1 is up!
We just went live, so I’ve to spam some family and friends!

Over the coming weeks, we’re gonna be blogging actively - to get you upto speed on the concept and other tech that we’ve used (struggled) with.

So stay tuned. But before we go -

Download Cyrcl on Apple App Store
Download Cyrcl on Google Play Store

Aradhya Alamuru
Aradhya Alamuru   Full stack developer flying solo at Cyrcl. Run Cronlogy Technologies - custom software development firm. Ping me anytime for a chit-chot!

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